cairns, pllc

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Engaged, authentic support for 

individuals and couples​. 


Cairns are ever evolving communal structures, marking the way when the path is unclear.  A comfort arises from spotting a cairn in the austere sub-alpine landscape or in the shifting sand of the high desert. There are times that we follow in the footsteps of other travelers and times when we must forge the path, similar to the therapeutic process.

Rochelle Nielson, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor



Therapy is a co-created, dynamic experience. It is organic, requiring thoughtful attention and honest discourse between the client and myself.  Through deep listening, emotional attunement and exploration, the path has an opportunity to reveal itself.  At times I help map the course through meaningful questions, education or offering new ways of seeing situations.  I am a guide for the process, assisting in building the structure, but it is the client who finds the path.